Laura Barron & Jeff

Laura Barron and Jeffrey Sykes

“I want to thank you for such an incredible evening of music last night. It was such a meaningful experience - you stirred something deep within me - that mysterious, intangible life force of music within my soul. Your love of music, and the flute, just seems to emanate from every pore of your body. Your gift for playing, as well as teaching, is impossible to miss. I consider it such a privilege to have been in your presence as you shared, so masterfully, the life force of music that lives so abundantly within you. Thank you again for the recital - you were truly inspiring.”

—Hillary Decker after Arizona Flute Society Recital 2003

unlisted repertoire is also available for touring upon request

Theme and Variations

Marais, Variations on La Folia
Schubert, Introduction and Variations on ‘Trockne Blumen”
Geiseking, Variaitions
Heath, Coltrane Variations
Beaser, Variations
Borne, Carmen Fantasy


Zyman, Sonata – Mexican                                 
Hetu, Quatre Pieces – Canadian
Tower, Valentine Trills – American set
Schoenfeld, Achat Sha’alti             
Torke, Sprite
Amaya, Malagigi the Sorcerer –  Chilean
Wilson, Celtic Partita – Canadian

International: Echoes of a Blue Planet

Wilson, Celtic Partita
Roussel, Jouers du Flute
Borne, Carmen Fantasy
Bartok, Hungarian Dances
Hoover, Kokopeli
Foss, Three American Pieces
Piazzola, Etudes No 3
Wye, Latin American Dances


Bolling, Irlandaise
Piazzola, Etude No. 3
Holcombe, Jazz Concerto
Porter, Blues Lointain
Mower, Opus di Jazz
Mower, Mind the Gaps
Schoenfeld, Four Souvenirs
Heath, Coltraine Variations
Mower, Sonata Latino
Gershwin, Medley

Jewish Composers

Schulhoff, Sonata
Mendelssohn, Rondo Capricioso
Copland, Duo for Flute and Piano
Ran, East Wind
Bloch, Suite Modale
Zyman, Sonata
Gershwin, Medley

Stolen Moments

Schubert, Sechs Lieder
Faure, Violin Sonata in A
Prokofiev, Five Songs
Brahms, Clarinet Sonata in f minor

Student Favorites

Griffes, Poem
Telemann, d minor Fantasy
Goddard, Suite
Hue, Fantasie
Kennan, Night Soliloquoy
Widor, Suite


Blavet, “La Lumage” Sonata
Hoover, Medieval Suite
Boehm, Grand Polonaise
Dick, Fish are Jumping
Gaubert, Fantasie
Mower, Sonata Latino

For Bookings and/or more information please contact:

Laura Barron
11 East Fine Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001