Laura with Flute Students

Laura & NAU students after Tempe, AZ performance

This statement describes my personal pedagogical approach which emphasizes learning through non-judgmental curiosity and the enhanced awareness of the mind/body connection.  I work to develop a student’s creative ability to identify, assess, and solve performance problems autonomously so they may ultimately teach themselves.

Sample Master Class Topics – {Available for Touring}
I offer workshops for universities and flute clubs on numerous topics described here, including: Yoga for Flutists, What Good Tone Feels Like, and How Following Your Bliss CAN Pay the Rent.  Additional workshop topics can be offered upon request. Please email laura@laurabarron.net for bookings.

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Repertoire Lists

Included here are comprehensive, though not complete, repertoire lists organized in the following categories:
works for flute & piano
unaccompanied flute pieces
flute concertos &
etudes for flute (listed by level of difficulty)

Solo Repertoire List

Concerto Repertoire List

Etude Repertoire List

Other Resources

Professional Flutist List

Orchestral Flutist List

Recommended Reading List

Recommended Discography List

Recommended Flute Makers

Suggested Practice Techniques

Great flute-related websites

This website offers over 1,000 links to flute-related sites.

This may be the most comprehensive flute site on the web including thorough teaching resources, career and audition guides, performance health information, repertoire lists, extended techniques tips, and fingering charts.

This site for the National Flute Association provides information about their annual convention and competitions.  Also included are listings of other flute club events throughout the United States and a link to the NFA magazine, Flutist Quarterly.

A unique aspect of this site is their link to instructors with whom students can learn flute online.  There are also many links to individual professional flutists’ websites, flute club websites, good sources for purchasing flute music and a message board.

Timelines, information about historical instruments and flutists, as well as performance practice suggestions can be found on this site. There is also an online store from which you can purchase books and historical recordings.

Another good source for links to 100’s of flute websites, there are also links to excellent flute-related articles and books.

This site is a companion for a newsletter distributed to over 5,000 flutists monthly. It includes reviews for new recordings and publications and advertises used professional flutes for sale.