Recommended Discography List

Here, I have compiled a concise list of my favorite flute recordings. However, since my familiarity with the vast body of flute recordings is limited, I am certain that I have unintentionally omitted numerous excellent recordings.  If you have produced your own CD or would like to recommend another CD for me to consider for this list please contact me at and I will be happy to listen and include it. 

Comprehensive Classical Flute Library of Recommended Recordings

CPE Flute Concertos
Adorjan                       Kuhlau Grand Trios
Eva Amsler                  Flute Sonatas by Bach’s Sons
Alberto Almarza           Reza Vali Persian Folklore
Sam Baron                  Mozart Flute Quartets
Julius Baker                 In Recital – Vl. 1 & 2
Jeanne Baxstresser      Principal Flute New York Philharmonic
William Bennett           Mozart Concertos
Emily Beynon              L’Album des Six
Wissam Boustany        Sounds from within
Bonita Boyd                 Plays Paganini 24 Caprices, Op. 1
Leone Buyse                The Sky’s the Limit
Tadeu Coehlo               Flute Music from Brazil
Geoffrey Collins            Spinning – New Australian Flute Music
Michel Dubost              Flute Panorama #1-3
Robert Dick                 The Other Flute
Mathieu Dufour           Martinu, Prokofiev, Hindemith Sonatas
Doriot Dwyer               Works for Flute by John LaMontaine
Jill Felber                     Premieres
Patrick Gallois              Piazzola for Two
James Galway             Sixty Years – Highlights
Laura Gilbert               Flute Salad
Peter Lukas Graf         Works for Flute Alone
Marcos Granados         Amanecer
Mark Grauwels            Romantic Flute Concertos
Vivianna Guzman       Mostly Tango Live
Susan Hoeppner         Susan Hoeppner, flute
Christina Jennings      Winter Spirits
William Kincaid           Legendary Flutist
Kuijken                      JS Bach Sonatas
Rhonda Larson           Distant Mirrors
Laurel Ann Maurer     Legacy of American Women Composers
Lorna McGhee           Taheke
Marcel Moyse             The French School at Home
Aurele Nicolet            Milhaud Chamber Music
Thomas Nyfenger      The Flutistry of Thomas Nyfenger
Emmanuel Pahud      Paris
Michael Parloff           The Flute Album
Marina Piccinini          Flute Recital- 20th century works
Jean-Pierre Rampal    Telemann Fantasies
Paula Robison            Handel Sonatas
Gary Schocker           Airborne
David Shostac           The Romantic Flute
Schultz Verdi             Opera Fantasy
Fenwick Smith          Rorem Chamber Music
Claire Southworth     Classic Touch
Mark Sparks              Mark Sparks, flute
Kirsten Spratt           Triligence
Robert Stallman        Blavet Sonatas
Alexa Still                 Flute Works by Griffes, Hanson, etc
Jim Walker               Music for Flute and Piano
Brooks de Wetter-Smith Twentieth Century Romantic Spirit
Manuela Wiesler       Jolivet The Complete Flute Music
Ransom Wilson        Flute Works (w/ Robison and Wincenc)
Carol Wincenc          Valentines
Trevor Wye              Flute Recital
Jacques Zoon           Fin de Siecle
Laurel Zucker          Haydn London Trios and Divertimentos

Note: I have selected only one recording by each artist. In doing so, I have either chosen my favorite or the one which provides the greatest variety of repertoire, avoiding too much repetition within the library. Certainly, many of these flutists have several other recording which I would recommend. Most of these other CD’s as well as the specific repertoire on each recording can be found in the catalogue.