Recommended Flute Makers

The following list is only my brief and subjective recommendation to players of all levels as they search for an instrument with their ideal voice.  I have compiled this in response to frequent requests for such a list made by students I have met during my travels. I am certain that I have omitted several excellent flute makers and I reiterate that I am only commenting on the models with which I am familiar and have judged favorably.

Laura Barron, Arista artist, performs a silver flute with a 14k gold head joint superbly crafted by Miguel Arista.

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Beginner Instruments $500 - $1,000

Jupiter 313 S, 507 S, 511 S
Yamaha  YFL-221, 261, or 281

Intermediate Flutes  $1,000-$3,000

Jupiter 611 RBS, 711 RBS
Di medici 911 RBS, 1011 RBS
Altus 807 C or B, 907C or B
Yamaha YFL-381, 461, 481, 584
Murumatsu EX, GX

Advanced Flutes $3,000-$20,000 (depending on silver or gold components)