Professional Flutists List

Included here is a comprehensive, though not complete, list of professional flutists who have careers as soloists, orchestral flutists or flute professors around the world.  This list was compiled by Northern Arizona University flute majors as part of a year-long studio research project. It includes the flutists’ names and their major positions.


Jean Pierre Rampal – international recording artist

James Galway – international recording artist

Jim Walker – jazz and classical recording artist, professor at University of Southern California

Mike Mower – jazz influenced composer/ studio flutist

Carol Wincenc – Julliard professor, winner of the Naumburg Award

Emmanuel Pahud – soloist, principal flute of the Berlin Philharmonic

Fenwick Smith – recording artist, Boston Symphony second flutist

Walfrid Kujula – former piccolo player with Chicago Sym.

Marcel Moyse – soloist, co-founder of Marlboro School of Music

William Kincaid soloist – former principal flutist of the Philadelphia Orchestra

Jeanne Baxstresser – New England Conservatory professor, soloist

Trevor Wye – former professor at Guild Hall, Royal College and Royal Northern College of Music, soloist

Elizabeth Buck – principal Phoenix. Sym., Arizona State University professor

Trygve Peterson – retired professor Arizona State University

Alexa Still – University of Colorado-Boulder professor, soloist

Stephanie Jutt – University of Wisconsin-Madison professor

Ransom Wilson – Yale University professor

Paul Taffanel – Paris Conservatory professor, founder of the French Flute School

Phillip Gaubert – Paris Conservatory professor

Herbert Lindholm – Kuopio Consevatoire of Music and Dance, Finnish composer

Susan Milan – 1st woman principal of Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (1974)

Mark Tucker – soloist and recording artist

Mimi Stillman – soloist and chamber player

Philip Swanson – Tuscon flute club founder, retired professor Northern Arizona University –

Geri Rotella studio musician and teacher

William Bennett – soloist and teacher, conducts many master-classes around the world

Gary Schocker – soloist, composer and teacher

Timothy Hutchins – Principal flute of Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Principal flute of

the Pittsburgh Symphony for 2003-04 season, and teaches at McGill University

Viviana Guzman – soloist and flutist in “Festival of Four”

Marina Piccinini – soloist and teacher at Peabody Conservatory of Music

Timothy Day – former principal flutist of Balitmore Symphony, currently teaches at San Francisco Conservatory and principle of California Symphony.

Robert Dick – soloist, teacher, composer, and author of books about contemporary flute techniques

Robert Langevin – former principal of Pittsburgh Symphony, currently the principle of New York Philharmonic and professor at Manhattan School of Music

Katherine Hoover – composer, conductor

Peter-Lukas Graf soloist and conductor and teaches at Basle Music Academy

Michel Debost – former Principal flute in the “Orchestre de Paris”, soloist and teaches at Oberlin College Conservatory

Göran Marcusson – soloist from Sweden

Hubert Laws – famous jazz soloist

Leone Buyse – former Principal flutist of Boston Symphony Orchestra, soloist, currently professor of flute and chamber music at Rice University Sheppard School of Music.

Thomas Robertello – former principal of Pittsburgh Symphony, currently teaches at

Indiana School of Music in Bloomington

Paula Robison – soloist, winner of the Geneva Competition

Zizi Mueller – former professor at Fairfield University, International soloist and

performs with her chamber group Mosaic

Maxence Larrieu – former teacher at Geneve Conservatoire, soloist

Gunilla von Bahr – Prolific recording artist and musical director

Julius Baker – Former principal of the New York Philharmonic

Sam Baron – Former flutist of the New York Woodwind Quintet

Laura Barron – Principal of the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra and professor at Northern Arizona University

Bonita Boyd – Professor at Eastman School of Music

Mathieu Dufour – Principal of the Chicago Symphony

Paul Edmund-Davies – Principal of the London Symphony

Alain Marion – Former professor at the Paris Conservatory

Elizabeth Ostling – Principal of the Boston Pops and assistant Principal of the Boston Symphony Orchestra

Jonathan Snowden – Former principal of the London Symphony and a recording artist

Manuela Weisler – Recording artist; studied with James Galway

Petri Alanko – Finnish Flutist

Claudia Anderson – Solo performer and adjudicator

Gary Arbuthnot – Solo performer

Jan Bengston – Solo performer with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Carolyn Brown – Principal Flutist with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

Torkil Bye – Principal Flutist of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Daniel Cassamagnaghi – Solo Perfeormer with the Milanese orchestras, Teatro all Scala

Ian ClarkeSoloist for the British Flute Society and Composer

Tadeu CoelhoProfessor of Flute at the North Carolina School of the Arts

Patria Davila – Chamber Musician and founder of UpTown Flutes

William Dowdall – Principal Flutist of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland

Moshe Epstein – Solo Performer of the Israel Sinfonietta

Janette Erickson – Principal Flutist of the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra

Jill Felber – Performed solo recitals, chamber music, and concertos on four continents

Cathy Herrera – Concert artist, orchestral performer and flute professor

Michelle LaPorte – Professor of Flute Studies at Five Towns College

Ilari LehtinenSolo Flutist of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra since 197

Joanie Madden – Leader of Cherish the Ladies, a leading group in the Irish world

Laurel Ann Maurer – Concerto soloist with the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra

Jennifer McKenzie – Member of the Dallas Opera Orchestra and the Texas Chamber Orchestra

Clare Southworth – Professor of Flute at the Royal Academy of Music in London

Laurel Zucker – Solo performer with the Sacramento Philharmonic

Toke-Lund Christiansen student of Marcel Moyse, Lecturer at Royal Danish Academy of Music.

Brooks DeWetter – Smith graduate of NEC and Juilliard, faculty at UNC Chapel Hill, former President of NFA, studied with Galway and Rampal, recording artist

Robert Aitken – Canadian composer, studied flute with Moyse and Rampal, extensive artist.

Georges Barrere – Student of Altes and Taffanel, taught at Juilliard for 39 years, inspired Varese, “Density 21.5” and Griffes, “Poem”

Jan Gippo – piccolo for St. Louis Orchestra, regular columnist for Flute Talk Magazine, graduate of NEC

Wissam Boustany – soloist who was born in Lebanon and studied in Britain.

Bart Feller – Principal of the New Jersey Symphony and teaches at Rutgers

Camilla Hoitenga – soloist who has performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and The London Philharmonic

Jane Lenoir – jazz influenced soloist.

Henrik Weise – principal of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich.

John Wion – former principal of the New York City Opera from 1965-2002.

Helen Bledsoe – contemporary soloist and chamber musician who studied in Russia.

Carol Dale – associate Professor of music at the University of Mississippi and Principal of the Tupelo Symphony

Elena Duran – soloist who teaches at the Birmingham Conservatory in the UK.

Debora Harris – Associate professor of flute at Concordia College in Minnesota

Richard Ingamells – Soloist from the UK who has played with trios and rock bands.

Jadwiga Kotnowska – soloist from Warsaw, Poland

Chris Norman – Born in Nova Scotia. Plays a wooden flute on movie soundtracks with a Celtic flavor.

David Oliver – teaches at the Trinity College of Music in London.

Kirsten Sprattsoloist

Davide Formisano – Italian flutist

George Pope – Professor of Flute at the University of Akron, Former Principal Flute of the Akron Symphony

Jeffery Zook – flutist and piccolist of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Frederick Wilkins – Soloist

Kay Gardnernew – age performer

Sebastian Caratelli – Performer and Recorder Moyse, Marcel

Keith Bryanperformer – Former Professor at Michigan State

Jonathan Keeble – performer in the Prairie Winds quintet out of Chicago

Sharron Sparrow – performer

Nestor Torres – Grammy-Award winning Jazz flutist

Danilo Lozano – Latin and African American specialty music

Jeffrey Khaner – Principal Flute of the Philadelphia Orchestra

Vanessa Whang – plays various flutes in a group called Altazor

Harvey Boatright – Principal Flute of the Dallas Symphony and performs also with Voices of Change

Richard Egues – Principal Flute in Orchestra Aragon

G.S. Sachdev:performs on the Bamboo flute

Paddy Moloney – performs on the tin whistle with The Chieftains

Matt Molloyalso – performs with The Chieftains on flute

Werner Tast – performs with the C.P.E. Bach Chamber Orchestra

Monika Hegedus – performs with the Budapest Strings

TimCrawford – performs on Native American Flute

David Odselashvilli – Principal Flute of the Tbilis Symphony Orchestra

Jeremy Barlow – director and performer for the Broadside Band

Hanz Friedrichperforms with the Vienna Mozart Ensemble

Eberhard Zummach – performs on treble recorder with the Cologne Concerto Orchestra

Eckart Haupt – performs on treble recorder and flute with the C.P.E. Bach Chamber Orchestra

Karl-Heinz Passin – performs with the New Leipzig Bach Collegium Musicum

Helmut Rucker – performs with the Dresden Philharmonic

Kurt Berger – performs with the Vienna Mozart Ensemble

Martin Sandhoff – performs on the treble recorder with the Cologne Concerto Orchestra

Cordula Breuer – performs on the treble recorder with the Cologne Concerto Orchestra

Jeanne Galway – has performed with many orchestras and studied with James Galway, Marcel Moyse, and Ransom Wilson

Gilbert Valdez – performed with the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band

Leo Wright – performed on flute and alto saxophone with the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band

Madalyn Blanchett – performs on flute and the whole family of recorders with the Alice Gomez – Group

Troy Carthew – performs with the Darlene Zschech Band

Clair Evans – performs with the Darlene Zschech Band

Paul Horn – performs on the whole family of flute and is the director of the Multi-Flute Orchestra

Gary Barnacle – performs on flute and alto saxophone with The Jazzmasters Band

Randy Mead – performs on flute, bass flute, alto and soprano recorder, panpipes

Forest Shomer – performs on penny whistle and Andean flute

Paul Becker – performs on soprano recorder

Lory Lacy – performs with her own Jazz combo

George Tortorelli – plays various flutes with Lisa Lynne Group

Herbie Mann – performed with various Jazz groups but especially with Bill Evans

Karlheinz Zoeller – performs with the English Chamber Orchestra

Wolfgang Schulz – performs with the Wiener Philharmoniker

R. Carlos Nakai – performs on Native American Flute

Al Block – performed with the Charlie Parker Band

Bettine Clemen Ware – performs on the whole flute family with the Patterson Duo

Wendy H. Musk – plays various flutes with the Xingu Group

Jerome Richardson – performed on flute and soprano & baritone saxophone with the Charlie Mingus Band

Dick Hafer – performed on flute, clarinet, and tenor saxophone with the Charlie Mingus Band

Eric Dolphy – performed on flute and alto saxophone with the Charlie Mingus Band

Claudi Arimany – performed as soloist – with various orchestras

Danny Wolinski – performs on flute and alto saxophone with the Carlos Santana Band

Craig Bailey – performs on flute, alto flute, and alto saxophone with the Rufus Reid Jazz Band

Ron Korbplays – on various flutes and performs with Tapestries

Collin Tillton – performs on flute and tenor saxophone and performed with Van Morrison

Andrew Vasque – performs on Native American Flute

Tim Wheater – performs on bass flute

Amy Porter – Former Associate Principal, Atlanta SO, U-Michigan

Garner, Bradley – Principal, Atlantic Sinfonietta, UCC-CM

Wellbaum, Jack – Former Piccolo, Cincinnati SO, UCC-CM

Zuckerman, Eugenia – Recording Artist

Koregelos, Angela – Recording Artist

Parloff, Michael – Principal,Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Manhattan School of Music

Dwyer, Doriot-Antony – Former Principal Flute, BSO, Boston University

Barrere, Georges – brought Paris Conservatory tradition to the U.S., Principal of NY Symphony, Prof. Flute, Julliard

Boehm, Theobald – Performer, composer, teacher, inventor , designed revolutionary “Boehm flute” system, Invented alto flute

Gaubert, Phillipe – famous flutist and conductor of Paris Opera, Prof. of composition at Paris Conservatory

Kuhlau, Friederich – Principal, Denmark’s Royal Orchestra, Composer of operas and chamber music

Moyse, Marcel – 1 of the greatest flutists and teachers of the 20th century”, Toured world as soloist and performed under the baton of many famous conductors, Prof. of flute at Paris and Geneva Conservatories, Co-founded the Marlboro School of Music

Taffanel, Claude-Paul – Principal, Grand Opera and conductor later on, Prof., Paris Conservatory