Recommended Reading List

Many excellent resources listing books on specific flute-related topics already exist.  So, I intend for this resource to be used as a supplement to that reading. Consequently, I have included several books (not necessarily intended for musicians) which provide information about performance anxiety management, injury prevention, and the development of successful career skills.

Body /Mind Awareness Topics

Benson, Stella The Healing Musician

Bishop, Dorothy The Musician as Athlete

Douillard, John Body, Mind, Sport

Farhi, Donna The Breathing Book

Green, Barry The Inner Game of Music, The Mastery of Music

Lieberman, Julie Lyonn You Are Your Instrument

Lynch, Jerry and Chungliang Al Huang Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

Ristad, Eloise Soprano on Her Head

Werner, Kenny Effortless Mastery – Liberating the Master Musician Within Career Related Topics

Career-Related Topics

Bruser, Madeline The Art of Practicing

Butler, Mimi The Compete Guide to Running a Private Music Studio

Highstein, Ellen Making Music in Looking Glass Land

Maisel, Eric A Life in the Arts

Sand, Barbara Lourie Teaching Genius – Dorothy Delay and the Making of a Musician

Suzuki, Shinichi Nurtured by Love

Flute Websites (with links to many other flute related sites)