Rough Trip Budget

This budget is included to give people an idea of the expenses they can anticipate if they choose to travel in these countries, taking a mid-range trip. This means using trains or buses for transit most often, with occassional splurges on rental cars in Europe, drivers in India & Morocco, and a few domestic flights. Mid-range accomodations entail no frills yet safe, comfortable places with private baths. In India this includes a Western toilet, a possible TV, and hot water 70% of the time. About once per month, with this budget, one can also spring for a higher-end hotel with a little design flare and more amenities like internet and a king-size bed.

Pre-trip expenses
$10,000 round-the world plane ticket for 2 people for 1 year (flights to 10 countries in 5 continents)
$1,000 travel & health insurance for 2 people for 1 year
$200 Indian travel visas for 2 people
$400 medical shots for Africa & Asia
$400 purchases for trip (new backpack, waterbottles, headlamp, swiss army knife 7 a few clothing items)
$12,000 TOTAL for one year

$1,000 accomodation - 2 months (approximately $15 per night)
$1,000 travel - 2 months (trains, buses, cars with drivers, rickshaws, and flights within India)
$1,000 food - 2 months of meals for 2 people (approximately $15 per day)
$500 extras (gifts, books, recreational equipment rental, museums, concert tickets, internet, yoga, massages, & laundry)
$3,500 TOTAL for two months

$1,200 apartment rental for 2 months (approximately $20 per night)
$2,500 food - 2 months of meals for two people, including groceries for several home-cooked meals (approximately $40 per day)
$300 extras (bus trips, massages, laundry, internet, gifts, & books)
$1,000 french course - 60 hours of private tutorial for 2 people
$500 windsurfing and surfboard rental - 7 complete days of windsurfing for 1 and 3 days of surfing for 2
$1,000 one week fully guided Sahara desert tour - car, driver, food, accomodation
$6,500 TOTAL for two months ($4,000 without french, windsurfing & desert tour)

$1,000 apartment rental in Copenhagen, Denmark for 2 months
$2,000 hotels for 4 long weekends & 1 month of travel (approximately $50 per night)
$2,500 food - 2 months of meals for two people, including grocieries for several home-cooked meals (approximately $40 per day)
$2,000 food - 1 month of meals for two people travelling throughout 10 countries (approximately $60 per day)
$2,500 extras for 3 months (subway, laundry, museums, concerts, internet, purchases, massages, & phonecards)
$2,500 transit for 3 months (includes 15-trip Eurail pass, 3 overnight ferry rides, sleeper train supplements, & 1 R.T. flight)
($500 entry visa for Russia & flight back to Central Europe)
($1,000 week apartment and car rental in Tuscany)
$14,000 TOTAL for three months ($12,500 without Tuscany splurge and extra excursion to Russia)