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March 2010

Forbidden Flutes' TV show concept
"The Flute Doctors" has won 2nd prize at the PitchMarket TV Series competition, our of nearly 100 entries! COMING SOON! Podcasts and blogs that precede the launch of their magazine-style talk show which aims to get new listeners jazzed about classical music.

l train

Look below to see what people are saying about Take the L Train:

"Forbidden Flutes have great classical chops and a knack for swinging improvisation as well as the ability to move freely between genres. Their luscious tones blend sweetly and balance well. Flutists as well as a wider audience will both recognize the exceptional quality of the music and the intensity and depth of their performances. The L-words here are lovely, lyrical and, lively."
- Flute Network, National flute newsletter

"What an absolutely magnificent Forbidden Flutes CD! I can truly not remember the last time I experienced such sheer pleasure in hearing the flute. Thank you so much for creating such a delightful, stimulating and affecting CD."
- Kyril Magg, Assistant Principal Flute, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

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